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Ramona Richard N.C.

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Cynthia Moger
Certified Nutrition Educator, AFFAA
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Fridays & Saturdays
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Leigh Wunce N.C.
Medical Intuitive
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Ramona Richard, B.A., M.S., N.C.

Ramona Richard, B.A., M.S., N.C., graduated with honors both from the University of California with a B.A. in Psychology and from Hawthorn University with a M.S. in Health & Nutrition Education. She holds a teaching credential from the State of California, and is a state certified Nutrition Consultant.

She is owner of Radiance, a nutrition consulting company and has extensive experience in both the public and private sector. Currently, she is a Practitioner at Way of Life, teaches nutrition courses online and is completing a certification in Amino Acid Therapy for mood disorders.

AQUÍ SE HABLA ESPAÑOL. Se puede consultar gratis con la nutricionista, 15 minutos cada vez, el miércoles, viernes y sábado.

You can consult with Ramona at Way of Life on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 11:00-5:00 pm.

Cynthia Moger - AFAA Certified Fitness Educator

Way of Life's Vitamin Buyer and Certified Nutrition Educator is also a AFFA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor. Cynthia Mogar has been instructing a variety of group exercise classes as well as creating safe, challenging individual fitness programs for the past 18 years. More recently she has incorporated the importance of fueling our bodies through proper nutrition and supplementation.

Her focus is to educate individuals how to enhance wellness using nutrition and fitness to create a healthier more fit body from the inside out. A little bit goes a long way and consistency is the key, she is available to answer questions T-F 9:30-3:30

Leigh Wunce - Medical Intuitive

YOUR BODY WISDOM Self- Empowerment Through The Spirit of Health & Your Unique Purpose Medical Intuitive Certified Nutritionist Kinesiologist

For 22 years Leigh Wunce N.C. has been an inspiring San Francisco Bay Area healer, lecturer, radio personality and workshop leader. For five years, Leigh shared the monthly star energies to full audiences at the now closed Gateways Books in Santa Cruz.

Leigh's insight and knowledge have been shaped by her own personal journey of healing breast cancer holistically. In her private practice, Leigh finds immense joy in being able to give image to the synthesis of your soul matrix and divine purpose. As a certified nutritionist, Leigh uses naturopathic methodology and works through the Chinese acupuncture meridians; supporting her client's energetic healing at a casual level. The variety of modalities that Leigh utilizes brings a coherent resonance to your thoughts, feelings and emotions; allowing the union of body, mind and spirit.

Our soul's uniqueness is clearly identified through the sacred geometry of the numbers of our birth date and the planetary patterns of our natal astrology. The frequencies of the numbers and planetary markers are an expression of your soul's essence and an imprint for this lifetime. Leigh is a puzzle master in identifying and bringing clarity to your life journey through the expression of these markers. When your body temple resonates with your personal frequencies, the sense of inner peace can become your everyday experience.

$1 per minute. Sundays 1-3 pm www.yourbodywisdom.com