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  • Your Personal Myth

    Make it One of Vision and Potential

    by Patricia Majio
    may09_newsletter2In the Japanese language, liminal has a variety of nuances, but the richness of the concept is telling in a word that has daily usage, tsuki-ma, meaning the space between things; the invisible mystery that holds it all together. The liminal infers a transitional phase. Every society has members however that live in that state permanently and serve the community, if it is healthy enough to incorporate their gifts. Some of the liminal citizens are the homeless, criminals, handicapped, insane, visionaries, artists and innovative thinkers. The truly liminal is not a place of hope or hopelessness, but one of trust.

    Carol Pearson, author and management consultant in the new business model believes that there is a fundamental shift taking place in the Hero/Heroine journey, from the Warrior of duality to the Magician, the archetype that links the body knowing with intellect and spirit. In The Hero Within, Pearson talks about the archetypes we can easily identify with as the steps to educate the Magician.

    1. Hearing the Call
    2. Using the transcend principle to transform the old perspective
    3. Using trial to forge clarity and commitment
    4. Drawing success out of failure
    5. “Casting the circle”

    Quick evaluation of what part of your journey needs attention from Magic at Work by C. Pearson:

    • If you are short of ideas or hope for the future, you are being called by air to take the journey of initiation.
    • If you are short of courage to persist in living your dreams, you are being called by fire to embark on a new trial.
    • If you find you are failing to live up to your best self, you are being called by ether to follow your grail, even if it takes you through a waste land.
    • If you do not have the support from others you desire, you are being called by water to experience illumination at a new level.
    • Finally if you are lacking money or energy, you are being called by earth to restructure the forms and habits of your life.
    • If you are short of ideas or hope for the future, you are being called by air to take the journey of initiation.