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  • Free Wellness Classes

    Held in store at Way of Life

    Wednesday, March 7th 2018

    6:30 – 8:00 pm

    Learning About
    Nutritional Live
    Bood Analysis

    with Sue Cassidy, Certified in Live Blood Microscopy

    In my discussion, I will explain Nutritional Live Blood Analysis for those that are not familiar with the procedure, and share the many different things that can be seen when we look at a drop of blood under a high powered microscope. I’ll explain how things seen in the blood can relate to certain imbalances in the body, and give examples of dietary changes or suggest nutritional supplements that might be taken to create a change in the blood, and better balance within the body to achieve desired goals.

    In this class we will learn:

    • Explain Nutritional Live Blood Analysis and its educational purpose
    • Identify different abnormalities that can be seen in the blood
    • Explain the effects the abnormalities may cause
    • Explain options that can potentially change abnormalities seen
    • Share what I would do, if I saw certain abnormalities in my own blood
    • Answer common questions about the procedure

    As with many who enter the field of healing, Sue Cassidy, entered through the door of illness. Encountering live blood cell analysis was, for her, the modality that initiated her healing. There are so many things visible in the blood! We can see vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, gallbladder health, parasites, oxidative stress, immune imbalances. Such a fascinating field!


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