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  • Welcome the Year of the Dragon 2012

    by Leigh Wunce

    The Year of the Water Dragon begins Jan. 23, 2012.  It is an 11 vibration day; mastering our creating!   In a Dragon year it is good to start a business, marry, have children, and take incredible risks.  At a global level we can expect extreme earth changes.  The yang energy of the Dragon symbolizes royalty, prosperity, and wisdom.  He holds magical attributes because Dragon can shape shift and transform.

    Mars began its retrograde pattern in Virgo energy on Jan. 23rd until April 14, 2012.  This is a time to evaluate what motivates you and determine if you on your correct path.  We will be reviewing how we assimilate our lives and if it brings nourishment to us.

    Rat in Dragon year:  Expect achievement, success, and good fortune in all endeavors, especially relationships and career.  Dragon is Rat’s best friend, so powerful Dragon energy will assist Rat.  This may be on of Rat’s best years of the 12 branch cycle and is an excellent time for marriage.

    Ox in Dragon year:  Fireworks may go off around you, but avoid the festivities.  Ox must work hard and be very focused, dedicated, patient, and reliable.  Rewards come at the end of the year.

    Tiger in Dragon year:  Dragon’s dynamic energy will stimulate Tiger and bring excitement and diverse activities.  Tiger does best to compromise should difficult situations arise.

    Rabbit in Dragon year: Expect much activity and movement, which can be to Rabbit’s benefit if she is motivated and maintains an optimistic attitude.  New friends and acquaintances can prove beneficial.  If too overextended, retreat and rest at home.

    Dragon in Dragon year:  Expect great accomplishments on a grand scale, for Dragon benefits greatly from the energy of his own year.  Recognition is foreseen, much progress occurs in business, and exciting social activities create much happiness for lucky Dragon.

    Serpent in Dragon year:  Expect excitement and much activity.  It is best if Serpent retreats occasionally from all the action to quietly ponder and meditate.  In this way, Serpent retains power in the eye of the storm and ends the year with a full harvest.

    Horse in Dragon year:  Expect extremes of highs and lows under Dragon’s stormy influence.  Horse may feel unsettled and start to worry, which is not a common Horse response.  Horse benefits by enjoying the company of family and friends and by not cultivating a fearful or pessimistic attitude.

    Sheep in Dragon year:  Expect a time of stimulation and excitement.  Under Dragon’s glorious influence, Sheep can find happiness, success, and romance.  But care must be taken with finances, and too much activity can lead to illness.

    Monkey in Dragon year:  Fun, excitement, and merriment accompany one of the best years of the 12 branch cycle.  But entertainment can be costly, and Monkey should practice some financial restraint.

    Rooster in Dragon year:  Expect one of the best years of the 12 branch cycle.  The spotlight shins on Rooster, success is guaranteed, rewards are bestowed, and good luck is foreseen.  An excellent year for marriage

    Dog in Dragon year:  Expect difficulties because Dragon is opposite Dog in the 12 branch cycle.  Draconic dramatics and intense emphasis on financial success is uninteresting to Dog.  It is best to keep quiet and act cautiously.

    Pig in Dragon year: Expect a fine year with lively social times, much feasting and celebration.  Success is foreseen at work and Pig enjoys recognition and respect from others.


    From Taoist Astrology by Susan Levitt