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  • Spring Is Here & It's Time To Play In The Garden!

    FENG SHUI TIP – After being cooped up all winter with the seemingly never ending storms and cold weather, many of us are just itching to get out into our gardens to see what survived, what’s starting to bloom and how we want to  use our garden space this year.

    Want to try something different? Then consider using the Feng Shui Ba Gua as a planning tool to enhance the energy of your garden.  Use the Ba Gua to boost your relationship, increase abundance, bring more laughter into your life and improve your Qi! It has many layers of information including what section of the garden relates to the areas you wish to augment. The Ba Gua “map” shows colors, shapes and elements to put into action.

    For example, possibly you want to incorporate a Children’s Garden into your yard. The Dui section of the Ba Gua would be a good place for this.
    To see what I’m referring to click HERE   and you will view a basic Ba Gua to use as your garden map. This Feng Shui map will allow the Qi (vital energy) to flow freely creating balance, health and abundance for you and your family.

    Most of all, have fun with planning your garden and if you choose to use the Ba Gua and need some help with it, please let me know.

    Did you know that you can place the Ba Gua on an entire  site, just one section or have several Ba Gua’s in one yard?

    FENG SHUI TIP – A common question that clients and students ask in planning a Feng Shui garden is, “How do I place the Ba Gua?” Good question!

    Let’s say you want to use Feng Shui for your back yard. First determine the main entrance to area of your property. Do you enter from the back of your home, or, is a gate the main entrance? Once you determine this, place the Ba Gua the same way you would place it on your house. To see what I’m referring to click HERE   and you will view a basic Ba Gua to use as your garden map.

    Now, let’s say you want to enhance your wealth area. That is called Hsun and is located in the back left corner of the Ba Gua. If the orientation of the Ba Gua for the whole property is different from the orientation of the Ba Gua for the back yard, then you have two wealth areas in your back yard. Colors to use in the Hsun/Wealth area are green and purple. A water feature is also good.


    Madhu M. Brodkey, M.F.S., founded Feng Shui Reflections in 1997. She is a Black Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Master Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher who combines this expertise with over 30 years of practice in healing arts and design to harmonize and balance the Qi (vital energy) of an environment and its’ occupants. Madhu is certified through the BTB Feng Shui Masters Program & attended UCSC Interior Design Professional Program – See website: www.fengshuireflections.com