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  • Phytotherapy

    Nourishing the large intestines:

    chia seeds, burdock root, licorice, slippery elm, aloe vera = moisten the intestines pro-biotics replenishes bacteria

    Nourishing the bones & blood:

    Seaweeds are high in variety minerals and easily absorbable calcium.

    Herbs teas: oatstraw, horsetail, red clover & nettles provide easily absorbable minerals & nutrients.

    Nourishing the liver-Plus building & sustaining foods:

    In winter lightly steam, bake or use in soups to release healing properties: Turnips, carrots, celery, squash, parsnips, dandelion.

    Eat seasonal, local, organic

    Use all eatable parts of plant to receive balanced properties.

    Pot liquor: use liquid from steaming for soup stock or to drink. Make stock from organic, peelings/stems etc. potatoes & vegetables.

    Nourish the stomach:

    Miso=enzyme rich food live sourkrauts & naturally pickled vegetables replenish and stimulate enzyme activity Bitters maintains proper pH in stomach (greens, or concoctions)

    Nourishing the bladder/kidneys:

    Tea made of juniper berries, parsley, horsetail, fennel, peppermint.
    Adrenals: nettles, licorice (take whole plant sources).