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    Way of Life’s May Newsletter

    In  May we honor the Mother on Mother’s Day Sunday the 14th.

    Our news letter  article on Qigong for Women contains a personal review by Gabrielle Laney-Andrews, a local and a Way of Life customer.

    A wonderful addition to any women’s diet is the nourishing mineral rich tea recipe included below.

    Linda Vaughn will be teaching us how to make herbal medicines at our May 10th lecture.

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    DVD Review: Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women

    by Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

    “There was a time when Qigong was only known to a special few in China – martial artists, monks, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors, and the wealthy and elite who were privileged to hold the secrets to longevity. Today, Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is spreading, making slow and steady progress around the world.” – Daisy Lee

    I had practiced Tai Chi and Qigong along with other dance styles for many years until about eight years ago when buying a house and working on a relentless amount of house projects, running a free lance design business, growing an organic garden, taking care of family and pets just sucked up all my time. For awhile that was okay, I would ride a bike for exercise. Then it hit, what the Chinese poetically call “Second Spring” but we know in the west as Menopause! Most of us here are aware of the challenges, but boy does it change drastically from “knowing about it” to “actually experiencing it!” It has been quite a rough ride, getting acupuncture has helped greatly, but I wanted to move from just maintaining energy to creating more vitality like I once had. So with that intention, I began to study Daisy Lee’s Radiant Lotus Fan Dance and Qigong Beginners Wuji Forms that are available on DVD.  I love them both. There are now two new DVDs. One is a updated re-release of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong DVD originally released in 2009. The most recent DVD is DVD 2 Beginner Qigong for Women: Radiant Lotus Medical Qigong Forms.

    According to Daisy, “throughout China, Japan, India, Egypt and other Eastern countries, the beautiful lotus flower is famed for its ability to grow in muddy, stagnant waters, absorbing what is useful and releasing what no longer supports its optimum health.  Amidst challenging conditions, it breaks through the darkness to bring light, beauty, strength and grace to our world.”

    Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong (RLWQ) was created by Daisy after years of study with different Qigong masters who successfully addressed women’s health concerns with their own unique branch of Qigong.

    I ordered the second DVD, the Medical Qigong forms because it includes the two forms “Phoenix Spreads her Wings” and “Lotus Rises through the Water” not on DVD 1.  The first DVD has some of the same content and includes Tibetan Vibrational Sound Healing. All of the exercises (forms) are centered on women’s physique and energy, the forms are very powerful, yet physically easy. They focus on breath, feminine energy and imagination to create healing for ourselves that then extends to our loved ones and then out to the planet Earth. The forms can be practiced either standing or sitting as the power lies within the mind, heart and soul of the practitioner. Both DVDs include a cupping exercise that is especially healing and both include self massage Acupressure point work. Another feature on both is the Kwan Yin closing meditation and prayer that is heart touching and profound. 

    I highly recommend the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong DVDs for women and girls of all ages. For those approaching or journeying through their Second Spring, RLWQ is incredibly valuable. The Chinese philosophy regarding “The Change” brings about new understanding as well. Below is from the RLWQ website:

    Menopause…A Time of Reflection and Renewal

    According to “Traditional Chinese Medicine,” if a woman takes care of her health through the different seasons of her life, she will have the opportunity to attain vibrant health and mature with grace, wisdom and vitality.  In fact, menopause is considered the time of life when a woman has the potential to fully blossom into her empowered self rather than seeing her life as half-over and hanging on for for dear life to the things of youth – including insecurities, fears and self-doubts!  Having had sufficient time and experience to explore and discern what is right for her, she now has a better idea of who she is  and where she wants to go in the next 50 years. She can become a role model for those around her, reflecting back on her life with loving acceptance of the things she could not change, yet making the present moment count by living passionately and courageously in the here and now.

    Second Spring

    Menopause is called “Second Spring” in China, a time of re-birth, renewal and celebration for the maturing woman.  She has the opportunity to examine the life she has lived, to inquire whether she is following her heart’s path, and if need be, make the necessary changes to stimulate continued growth and happiness.  It is a time of introspection, reflection, opportunity, and tremendous freedom if she has the tools to support her on her quest for optimum health.

    This is a very different concept than women have of menopause in the West where many equate the end of their child-bearing years as a loss of youth, vigor and vitality.  Hormonal changes can wreak havoc on some, with uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness, memory loss, vaginal dryness, wrinkles and other changes.   Through educating women on the changes in their bodies, minds and emotions and teaching them how to manage the changes that come with menopause, RLWQ empowers women to actively participate in their own self-care and renewal.  By practicing RLWQ at least a few days a week, many menopause symptoms can be reduced or eliminated without drugs, making for an easy transition into our Second Spring.

    Daisy Lee is certified as a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Practitioner by the National Qigong Association of America, as well as being a past board member on the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing. She has studied and taught Qigong for almost 20 years, inspiring people from all walks of life to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.

    Gabrielle Laney-Andrews is a local Freelance Artist and Web Designer, mom of a pet pot-belly pig and her organic garden is certified as a Monarch Butterfly Waystation.

    Sources: http://www.radiantlotusqigong.com/radiant-lotus-qigong-welcomes-lynne-marr/



    We have links on Way of Life’s website for purchasing the DVDs at http://wayoflife.net/?p=2750  Watch a demo & interview about Radiant Lotus Qigong – https://youtu.be/i3wK8KBf8iM


    Nutritive Herbal Tea

    Equal parts:
    Nettles – rich in minerals, iron & is cleansing

    Oatstraw–also rich in minerals, calming & fortifying

    Then add:
    1 TBL Hibiscus flowers – high in Vit C, can help to lower blood pressure

    5-7 Rose petals–calming, sweet, good for the heart

    1 tsp. Orange peel–has Vit C, good for digestion, activates the tea blend

    Infuse (pour boiling water over) all of these in two cups of water until cool enough to drink. Double the recipe for four cups of tea. All of these herbs can be found in Way of Life’s bulk herb section. You can experiment by adding other herbs of your choice to this basic recipe. Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena come to mind as possible yummy additions.
    Healthfully yours, Linda Vaughan

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    Making Herbal Medicines to Increase Vitality

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