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  • Way of Life’s March Newsletter

    March is the time to Green Up, detoxify and regenerate our health. This months article offers some sound advice on detoxification methods and lifestyle choices.

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    by Ramona Richard

    Back on the farm, over a century ago, the chemical load was minimal. Industrialization had not introduced petrochemical pollution, air pollution, radiation pollution, pesticide residues, mercury exposure, etc. And back on the farm, folks worked hard – physically. We have come a long way in many areas but have lost the cleanliness of the environment our ancestors knew. Our bodies, however, are still the same basic human bodies that they had. We certainly have not been upgraded with new cleaning systems to keep up with the toxins we are now exposed to. 

    Avoidance is a key to keeping our body machinery running smoothly. Pay attention to out-gassing of plastics, glues, new carpets, new furniture. Our bodies generally must store the toxins in air, water, and food and does so often in our fat cells. Toxicity can be, in fact, one of the causes of weight gain. 

    How to detox ourselves may be an important question to ask. Eating organically helps considerably, especially with normalizing our hormone levels. Avoiding mercury fillings and large fish that bio-accumulate mercury and other toxins is extremely important. The large fish that bioaccumulate include swordfish, shark, tuna, king mackerel, tilefish and marlin. 

    From time to time, a more thorough detox program can be very helpful. Detox can assist us in avoiding the buildup of chemicals that, over time, contribute to many of our degenerative diseases of aging. Springtime is always recommended as a wonderful time to institute a detox.  Winter is just too cold to use cooling foods such as juices.

    There are a variety of ways to approach detox. Traditionally, lightening up the diet or partial or a full fasting program has been popular and very helpful. The first step is the remove step: remove dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol. A second step is eating even lighter, avoiding meats, then poultry and then fish. A few days on vegetables and low-glycemic fruits is a good detox for some of us. Then the hard-core enthusiasts will move to consuming just fresh juices and/or hot vegetable broths, combined with daily enemas to avoid auto-intoxification. Water fasts do not give any nutrition to the liver but pour a load of toxins into it for cleaning up. This can overload the liver and should be avoided.

    Adding a sauna experience is a wonderful and time-honored way of helping cleanse the body. Sweat is one of the body’s cleaning mechanisms. Be sure to replace the water sweated out – drink extra water during this time and add electrolytes to replace those lost. Electrolytes are primarily sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and can be added as fizzy tablets to your water glass.

    The main body systems that work to cleanse us 24/7 are the liver, the kidneys, the GI tract, the respiratory system and our lymph. 

    Help out your lymph

    Moving your body moves your lymph. Exercising daily, combining vigorous with walking or more gentle systems such as Tai Chi helps you detox. Use a mini-trampoline if you have one! Dry brushing is also very useful. Before your shower, brush in small circles, beginning with your feet and moving up toward the heart. Besides moving lymph, it feels wonderful!

    Help out your kidneys

    Drinking purified water is a very important aspect of kidney health. Filter your water, both in the kitchen and in the shower. Chlorine damages enzyme systems and also your good GI flora. Try for half your weight – in ounces of water every day. 

    Detox with Food Power

    • Half a cup a day of blueberries, blackberries, elderberries – high antioxidants
    • Half a cup a day of broccoli – source of Glutathione
    • Three different cruciferous veggies a week minimum: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, turnips
    • Two Tbs. daily of cilantro – said to help mobilize mercury
    • Chlorella – good detox agent
    • One to three cloves raw garlic a day
    • Dandelion and/or burdock root for liver support
    • Fiber – keep GI tract clean! Make smoothies of ground flax, chia…

    Supplements to help you detox

    • Vitamin C – several grams spread throughout the day. Not only is it a good detox but also supports your immunity, is a powerful antioxidant and helps you build collagen
    • Alpha lipoic acid – chelating agent and powerful antioxidant
    • NAC – N-acetyl cysteine helps decongest the liver and builds your own powerful antioxidant Glutathione
    • Modified citrus pectin – if heavy metals are an issue. It binds them for excretion
    • Probiotics – make sure your gut is healthy – much of your detox and immune systems are in the gut
    • The more attention you give to cleaning up your body, the better it will serve you!

    Dr. Sherry Rogers put it well: “No doctor can cure you. No medicine can cure you. But you can cure you.”1

    1Rogers, Sherry. (2002). Detox or Die. Sarasota, FL: Sand Key Co., Inc.


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