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  •  December Newsletter

    Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

    leighBy Leigh Wunce

    We have not learned the art of living in the present moment, so we journey through our past experiences looking for our healing. Our thoughts are constantly weaving a tapestry from these experiences and then projecting images forward that create the form of our future.

    How we experience and respond to our lives has a basis in the genetic ties of our family patterns – our life tapestry. The process of mirroring with our family becomes the foundation of our very personal biography….our story.

    From this story we create our thoughts, feelings and emotions that interact in our physical bodies…. the DNA of our biology. This gives definition to our physical form and our bodies become an oracle, a source of wisdom that reflects our story. Whenever we hold stressful thoughts, anything outside of love, joy and gratitude, our body will create imbalances. The imbalances show up as erratic frequency patterns that affect the DNA. The state of stress or “dis-ease” can easily materialize into a chronic condition.

    As a medical intuitive I look for the core experiences that defines your emotional thought patterns and can show you where and how they are affecting your physical body. I value the metaphysical support of astrology and numerology because it gives expression to your unique blueprint that was self-designed by you in the heavenly realms. I love the story that explains why we have the clef between our nose and upper lip. It is said that once you have designed your life goals that can be read in the patterns of your astrology and numerology, an angel of Heaven comes and gently places her finger on your upper lip and with this imprint you release the memory of the life script created while in Heaven. We the birth into earth energy with no memory of what we have designed to experience and learn in this life time.

    Your body is now the divine oracle for when you are not on track. And the body wisdom has the memory and knowledge to heal itself! By finding the ability to access the innate heart intelligence of your body wisdom it is possible to bring change to conditions such as high blood pressure that represents the long standing emotion that has not found a resolve, or diabetes that holds a pattern of deep sorrow and a longing for what might have been. Cancer holds deep wounds of hurt and resentment and the body part where the cancer is discovered gives further description to that hurt and resentment.

    As human beings we can and do get caught hitting our heads against the wall in the confusing maze of life. Our soul desire is to walk the labyrinth, an orderly process of movement. When we are in the maze it can feel as if our personal puzzle box has been opened and all the pieces are scattered on the floor with no sight of the completed image to remind us of all we came to be! When we are conscious, we choose to walk the labyrinth. Here we can see the image on the lid of the puzzle box that defines our essence. Our intuitive knowingness supports us in the process of self-discovery. Our life purpose is made visible as we are divinely guided in our journey. Feeling connected to the process of our life allows us to put our puzzle pieces together. We are never alone; the divine is always inspiring us to be larger and more than we think we are – we just forgot that we came to play this game called life!

    As we learn to create the momentum of living purely in the present, we make every moment a new beginning. This is when we are truly gifted our individual sense of power and well-being and the angel’s touch upon our lip no longer veils our truth….and so it is………… Namaste’

    Leigh Wunce is a medical intuitive and certified nutritionist, who works with kinesiology and the human energy systems to promote heart-mind healing at a core level. Practicing in Santa Cruz for the past 23 years, Leigh is passionate about teaching the art of soul healing utilizing astrology and numerology. She is available for mini readings at a $1 a min. at Way of Life on Sundays from 1-3pm. LeighWunce@sbcglobal.net www.yourbodywisdom.com

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    Two Ginger Recipes For Winter

    Recipes from the WishGarden Herb blog, here are two that will help you introduce ginger into your life during these frigid months. You really can’t go wrong with either of these choices. 
    Link to full article –http://wishgardenherbs.com/blog/3509/two-ginger-recipes-winter/

    Simple Ginger Tea

    1 inch chunk of fresh ginger- sliced, ¼ Lemon, 1 tsp Raw Honey (optional)

    Place the sliced ginger in a small saucepan and add 3 cups of water.

    Bring to a boil, lower heat and let simmer for 5 minutes.

    Remove from heat, let cool.Before drinking add a squeeze of lemon and drizzle of raw honey.

    This is a great beverage to have in the morning or 30 minutes before meals. It helps to get the gastric juice flowing, leading to stronger digestion.

    Like ginger, lemon is also classified as a digestive stimulant and is quite heating. To top that off it is loaded with vitamin C to help support the immune system. It’s important to remember that having strong digestion will empower the immune system.

    Ginger Bath

    1/3 cup Powdered Ginger, 1/3 cup Baking Soda

    Draw a warm bath and add the ginger and baking soda. Soak away your anxiety with this potent, stress-relieving formula. The aromatics of the ginger will help open the lungs, support circulation, and stimulate warmth. It’s a perfect remedy for a rainy afternoon!