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  • Way of Life’s August Newsletter

    It is already August and it is soon back to school for the kids. Help support their immunity with Garden of Life Multi Vitamin Gummies on sale this month.  Gaia’s Whole Body Defense, also on sale, is a great way for the adults to stay well.

    Even though, locally, we are not in the path of the total eclipse, it should still be exciting to check out the partial view. Be sure to wear only certified ISO safe solar sunglasses. Below is a wonderful article explaining the astrological aspects of this eclipse written by Leigh Wunce.  Leigh is available for readings Sundays at the Way of Life.

    Watch for our lecture series to start again next month. A full schedule will be listed in our next newsletter.

    A Look at the Powerful Solar/New Moon Eclipse 

     by Leigh Wunce

    In July, 1991 my husband, teenage daughter and I made a trip to the Island of Hawaii to witness the solar eclipse on the 11th.  It was certainlyan impressionable first-ever experience; we were in awe when at mid-day we were taken into an eerie feeling of night.  The birds stopped singing and there was a stillness that held us captive.  This is several years prior to me having the ability to read an astrology chart. I now can go back and understand the deeply subtle impact this eclipse had on my life.  Within a year my elder sister had suddenly died, which catapulted me from the corporate world into the healing arts.

    We soon will witness a visible Solar /New Moon Eclipse at 11:30 am on August 21, 2017 with the Moon and Sun at 28 degrees Leo.  This eclipse is a part of the Sara series which began in January of 1639. A series is started from either the North or South Pole as it traverses over the Earth for approximately 1300 years! The most recent Eclipses from this pattern were in 1927, 1945, 1960 and 1999.  

    Certain eclipses can be like a Saturn or Jupiter transit; bringing life patterns that hold similar cycles of growth. You might want to reflect back to 1999 and look at the significance of changes in your life then and now.  In 1991 I was leaving behind the business world and trusting my capacity to move into the metaphysical world for my occupation.  At 75 I am now transiting from 25 years of growth in offering my accrued knowledge of the metaphysical world to others while trusting a shift of living more internally with my aging process of gracefully growing older.  The Cancer Sun and Moon in ‘91 were supporting me in finding what nurtured my soul.  Transiting Chiron was sextile my natal Neptune; opening the veils for me to see what could be!

    Authors Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy wrote Spiritual Astrology – Your Personal Path to Self-fulfillment.  They share how to interpret the solar and lunar eclipses that took place right before your birth. The Lunar/Full Moon eclipse gives you an understanding of your lessons to learn in this lifetime for your soul growth.  While the energy of the solar/new moon eclipse shows you the essence and purpose you’ve come to share with others.

     Lately I’ve notice many articles focusing on discovering your soul purpose. So the material in Spiritual Astrology very quickly can give meaning to your life purpose and lessons to be learned.  This is where I discovered that I was born on the day of a solar eclipse.  I’ve read that if an eclipse is on or near your birthday or your rising sign degree you must guard your health.  I have had many health issues over my life and have taught what I most needed to learn! 

    The impact of new beginnings is much greater with a solar eclipse than a monthly new moon; spanning for several months on either side of the eclipse.   The August Solar Eclipse is traversing over North America from Oregon through Missouri to South Carolina, so there is much discussion with the effect of this eclipse on President Trump and the USA birth charts. 

    The eclipse is taking place in the USA’s 9th house suggesting a new beginning in the philosophies that need to be applied in order for the public to be able to trust what is just and right. Transiting Saturn is squaring the USA’s Neptune; projecting that we might like to escape from acting responsibly! We can hope that this eclipse moves us towards changes that show up in November when transiting Saturn will sit on the Galactic Center while speaking to the Aquarian moon in the USA chart. This sextile suggests that there will be a willingness to accept our duty in an orderly and practical way.  

    President Trump was born on a lunar full moon eclipse: hence his extreme exuberance.  This eclipse in August has the Sun and Moon conjunct his Mars in Leo. It certainly will energize his demanding ego and suggest a need for self-control.  

    The August Solar eclipse chart for Santa Cruz has Sun, Moon, Mars and the North Node all in the 10th house.   This is where we show up in the world to do our work. Uranus in Aries trine the Leo Sun and Moon will energize quick flowing feelings and actions.  Saturn is trine Mars which gives us the capacity to organize and work from our heart/mind. The number of fire and fixed signs certainly suggesting there’s a rebel in the midst!

    When the moon stands between the Sun and the Earth cutting off the light of the Sun we have a solar eclipse. It brings a bright light of truth to the part of your life where The Sun and Moon show up in your natal chart.  The eclipse can be a brilliant illuminator, revealing conditions that you are unaware exist.   Mercury goes retrograde on August 12th in Virgo until September 5th. We all know that Mercury takes us into review mode of all that’s being communicated.  This might slow down the frenzy of life in order to align with the 1 numerology of 2017 that brings to focus a new beginning of the “work” of your soul’s unique process and journey. 

    If you would like a reading of the significance of this solar eclipse in your chart and the birth eclipse signature for your purpose and lessons; I continue, after six years doing readings at Way of Life on Sundays from 1-3 pm. for a $1.00 a minute.  Namaste

    Leigh Wunce has had a private practice for 23 years as a medical intuitive, certified nutritionist who utilizes kinesiology, numerology and astrology in the spirit of healing. 831.425.7760   www.yourbodywisdom.com

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