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  • Menopause Overview

    with Mariposa Bernstein L.Ac.

    Key Ideas:

    • Menopause – a rite of passage into wise woman. Many cultures women become political or spiritual leaders. In our culture menopause has become pathologized, i.e. seen as a disease needing to be fixed.
    • Hot Flashes – Crises or Opportunity = may be seen as power surges or flashes of insight. Positive as they raise the bodies internal heat which kills viruses and bacteria.
    • Peri-menopause (10-15 years before cessation of menses. Post menopause is clinically defined as the cessation of menses after 1 year.
    • Lifestyle suggestions – It’s never too soon to start building a healthy body and maintaining healthy adrenals. Start NOW.

    1. Exercise 3-5 X 1/2 hr, 3X week weight bearing, yoga, tai chi etc.

    2. Stress Reduction – use yoga, tai chi, meditation, alone time, massage, acupuncture, journalizing , nutritional support for adrenals.

    3. Gain a Few Pounds being slightly overweight (10-15 lbs) makes for easier menopause.

    4. Add superfoods to diet.

    5. Drink Filtered Water.

    6. Reduce or eliminate Caffeine.

    7. Reduce or eliminate hard liquor and recreational drugs.

    8. Quit smoking.

    9. Have Orgasms.

    10. Eat soybeans products.

    11. Calcium/Magnesium rich foods = (CA) sesame seeds, tahini, seaweeds, parsley, almonds, bok choy, bancha twig tea, green teas, brewers yeast. (MAG) whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds.

    12. Reduce some fats (butter, hydrogenated oils, margarine) EAT GOOD FATS (olive oil, flax seed, borage, evening primrose).

    13. Supplement diet with herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, probiotics, flower essences, electrolytes.

    Chinese Patents: Consult with practitioners at Way of Life:

    • LivWei
    • Zhi Bai
    • Xias Yas Wan

    Bach Remedies:

    • Walnut for changes
    • Rescue Remedy for stress
    • Oak for fatigue
    • Larch for self-confidence