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  • Free Wellness Classes

    Held in store at Way of Life

    Wednesday, May 24th

    6:30 – 8:00 pm

    Homeopathy and
    Counsel for Grief and Depression


    with Dr Diana Cunningham NMD/ND

    Learn about the 8 new natural stages of the Grief Process from Denial to Bereavement and Understanding to Joy.

    We will focus on:

    • Eight New Stages of the natural process of grieving death and loss for people of all ages and for healing loss of an animal friend.
    • Learn about self-care and self-treatment with acute homeopathic remedies available in the store.
    • Learn about complicated grief and how homeopathy can help move along the grief process when there is unaccompanied sorrows that are built up over months and year.


    Dr Diana Cunningham NMD/ND, MA graduated from Smith College in Women’s Studies and Comparative Religions; an MA from Western Institute in Berkeley; and trained at Bastyr University and University of Natural Medicine (NMD/ND. In the UK she studied Classical Homeopathy and has been researching homeopathic remedies for mental and emotional health for over 25 years, amidst raising a family and mentoring with local spiritual teachers. Her interest in grief and loss rose out of personal experience with close family members including her father (suicide), her mother (Alzheimer’s), and twin daughters (fetal demise). A spiritual understanding of what happens after death has been enriched by Dr Kubler-Ross, Stephen Levine and Rudolf Steiner. Diana brings a sensitive and gentle empathy to healing grief and loss with individuals using short term counsel and acute or chronic homeopathic medicine when needed