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  • Homeopathy for Pets

    by Linda Mower (the following notes were typed by Liz Koch from a lecture given by Linda Mower, sponsored by the Way of Life.)

    Basic Homeopathy concepts apply: Like is cured by like.

    • Explained how taking aspirin, for example, for a fever, eliminates symptoms but causes more problems.
    • White blood cells are activated by heat (i.e. fever). That is the purpose of a fever and is an important part of the wisdom of the immune system.
    • For every year an animal or person has been ill with a chronic problem, it takes 1-2 months to get better.</td>
    • One pill is the same as taking a whole bottle. It’s still one dose.
    • Relationship of 12c 30c 200c 1m 10m 50m to an octave of vibration. Match the intensity of acute problem to remedy.
    • Provings are done on healthy human beings.
    • New remedies are being developed for contagious diseases from rainforest animals and plants, etc.
    • 1793 Germany came to America in 1820 during small pox epidemic.

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