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  • Herbs & Supplements for Menopause

    with Mariposa Bernstein L.Ac.


    • Black Cohosh – hot flashes, sleep, irritablility, helps prevent prolapsed bladder and uterine, improves digestion, nourishes kidney and adrenals, calms spirit.
    • Red Clover – common herb, great dietary supplement. Blood cleanser clears skin irregularities, helps reduce tumors, cancer, helps store calcium, increases energy, oxidants blood, estrogen.
    • Wild Yam – a phyto estrogen (meaning it has natural plant estrogens), anti-spasmodic, reduces muscle cramps, regulates liver, anti-inflammatory, decreases gall stones.
    • Vitex – powerful effect on endocrine system, enhances progesterone (slowly lowers estrogen level), reduces uterine fibroids, reduces flooding, redirects ungrounded energy, clears skin, relieves constipation, breast lumps, water retention, depression.
    • Dandelion – supports liver, elimination, high mineral content. Make great tea with bancha and chicory
    • Kava Kava – reduces anxiety, insomnia, regulates liver and increases lucid dreaming.
    • Motherwort – good for hot flashes, nourishing, transitions.
    • Licorice – root feeds adrenals, harmonizes other herbs, good for digestion, blood thinner, soothes liver.
    • Ginseng – increases energy, memory, concentration, nerve function. Decreases depression and anxiety. Regulates estrogen and progesterone, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, effects libido.
    • Dong Quai – nourishes blood, reduces hot flashes, helps with flooding (excessive bleeding), moistens vaginal walls, menopausal headaches, water retention.
    • Nettles – nourishes adrenals and kidneys, rich in minerals, iron, silica, potassium, rehydrates dry vaginal tissue, decreases bloating, strengthens bones, stabilizes blood sugar, decreases fatigue, helps digestion, eases sore joints, relieves constipation, purifies blood.
    • Oatstraw – grown locally, builds bone and teeth, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces depression, releases tension, rehydrates vaginal dryness, increases circulation, lowers cholesterol, nourishes nerves, helps sleep, eases incontinence.
    • Cramp Bark -or use Black Haw anti-spasm, menses, good for flooding or excessive bleeding.

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