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  • Feng Shui for the holidays


    Begin by distributing holiday tasks and planning ahead, which unburdens your mind and allows you to complete tasks with joy.

    You will feel renewed and enjoy the holiday festivities more by scheduling time for relaxation. Sometimes you only have a moment, but mini-breaks are great for rebalancing.

    An easy exercise to do while standing in those endless lines begins with an inhale. Think: Breathing in, I calm my body. With the exhale, smile. Do this three times and see how you feel.

    Feng Shui perceives clutter as representing stagnation. Clear toys, clothing and items that your family doesn’t use any longer and donate them to a shelter for those in need.

    Simplicity allows everyone to relax and enjoy a holiday meal. Position the table away from the front door. Keep the table simple by using a sideboard for serving dishes and a low centerpiece to encourage conversation.

    Give guests room to breath by having space between seats and enough room to pass behind each chair.

    The host or hostess should sit at the head of the table in what Feng Shui calls the “command position.” It helps you observe the needs of your quests.

    Most importantly, take a few moments to reflect on what the holiday means to you. Doing so helps refocus your energy, intention and home for the holidays.

    Madhu Mati Brodkey is a Feng Shui consultant (fengshuireflections.com). Liz Koch is the Way of Life health educator.