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  • Ever Wonder How Color Effects You?

    Colorby Madhu Brodkey

    Dark Ceilings – Good or Bad?

    Color can dramatically effect the Qi and mood of a room. It’s one of the most economical ways to shift an environment’s energy and can create a positive change for occupants.

    I recently visited a business that is well designed and appointed. The only change I would make is the ceiling color. The walls are of standard height and painted a light color, but the ceiling is  black. Oh my! I felt like I was in a cave. This dark ceiling pushes the Qi down  creating a sense of oppression and made the space feel closed in. Even though I enjoyed being with the people there, by the time I left I could not wait to get out into the fresh air. People working in this type of environment will become moody and may be prone to headaches because of the way the ceiling is “pressing down”.

    Darker ceilings can be effective if you have really high light colored walls and want to make a room feel more cozy. Then, by all means choose a shade a bit darker than the wall color.

    Feng Shui Tip – Selecting Color

    Fisher Living Room

    five element progressive chart

    The template to the left illustrates the productive and overcoming order of the five elements. The five elements are a representation of different energies in nature. Note that each element is associated with a color. This is a useful chart to apply when selecting color for your painting project. For example, if you wish to lift the energy in a room, a soft green would be a good choice. It represents Springs’ rising Qi of renewed growth and new beginnings, yet, it has a soothing effect.

    The black arrows indicate the production order of the elements. In progression, each element supports the next. Wood element, for instance, feeds fire element (movement), which  just may be what you want to get things moving in you life!

    The pink arrows show what element to use to overcome another. The soft green I mentioned would be a good way to energetically move stagnant earth Qi.

    If, for example, you feel unmotivated, you probably have too much earth Qi. One way to loosen it would be to introduce wood element in your surroundings.

    Selecting Color is a challenge for many people. I helped clients select the color for this living room. The gentle lavender cools down the heat of the sun beating through the large windows creating a comfortable and soothing place to relax and entertain. 

    So, if you are thinking of starting a painting project, please let me know and we can sit down and pick the colors that will support you the most!

    Madhu M. Brodkey, M.F.S., founded Feng Shui Reflections in 1997. She is a Black Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Master Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher who combines this expertise with over 30 years of practice in healing arts and design to harmonize and balance the Qi (vital energy) of an environment and its’ occupants. Madhu is certified through the BTB Feng Shui Masters Program & attended UCSC Interior Design Professional Program – See website: www.fengshuireflections.com