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  • Elemental Attributes

                          (Source- Martin Grabsy L.Ac. – UK)

    WOOD ELEMENTfive elements

    SEASON: Spring

    CLIMATE: Wind

    COLOUR: Green

    MOTION: Assertiveness/Anger

    OFFICIALS: Gallbladder, Liver

    FORTIFIES: Ligaments/tendons

    VIRTUE: Benevolence, a love of humanity

    A time for optimism, planning ahead


    SEASON: Summer

    CLIMATE: Heat

    COLOUR: Red

    EMOTION: Joy

    OFFICIALS: Heart, Heart Protector, Small Intestine,

    Triple Heater

    FORTIFIES: Arteries

    VIRTUE: Ceremony or Ritual

    A time of maturity, safety and security


    SEASON: Late Summer

    CLIMATE: Humidity

    COLOUR: Yellow

    EMOTION: Sympathy

    OFFICIALS: Stomach, Spleen

    FORTIFIES: Muscles

    VIRTUE: Loyalty, faithfulness

    Time to harvest the crops of Spring’s planning


    SEASON: Autumn

    CLIMATE: Dryness

    COLOUR: White

    EMOTION: Grief

    OFFICIALS: Large Intestine, Lungs

    FORTIFIES: Skin and Hair

    VIRTUE: Justice

    A time for reflection and letting go


    SEASON: Winter

    CLIMATE: Cold

    COLOUR: Blue

    EMOTION: Fear

    OFFICIALS: Bladder, Kidney

    FORTIFIES: Bones

    VIRTUE: Wisdom

    A time of survival, relying on reserves and knowing limits.