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  • Discovering Your Exalted Self

    by Medical Intuitive Leigh Wunce

    As a medical intuitive and certified nutritionist, I look for the core experiences that define each person’s emotional beliefs and thought patterns. The Chinese acupuncture meridians for example, store the physical, emotional, and spiritual thought patterns that affect our energy systems. The meridians therefore give definition to how you may begin to clear any blockages that might keep you from your full potential. I also value what the metaphysical script (such systems as astrology and numerology) have to offer, because they quickly support in defining your soul purpose among many soul facets. This is particularly important as humanity is experiencing a momentous time of change right now; one that is unlike any we have experienced before on planet earth. The Mayan Calendar is just one of the markers for this time period.

    How are you feeling about the quickening of time? How are your days flowing? Is your physical body well? What about your emotional heart? We all struggle with the art of living in the present moment and yet our soul is seeded with our life purpose and is the core thread of our unique story. Intuitively we know we have come to share our soul gift! I believe that the purpose of our life is in discovering this gift, and once found, gives meaning to our lives as we share it with others.

    Even life’s hurdles give pause to our journey.

    I love the story that explains why we have the clef between our nose and upper lip. The fable goes; that once you have designed your next human experience, an angel of Heaven comes and gently places her finger on your upper lip sealing the contract. With this imprint you release the memory of the life script and birth into earth energy with no conscious memory of what you have designed in order to grow within this lifetime.

    Although we human beings can and do get caught up in hitting our heads against life’s walls so to speak, our souls desire is to walk the labyrinth, which is an orderly process of movement towards the Light. Our intuitive knowingness supports us in this process of self-discovery and we are divinely guided through our journey. When we feel connected to our exalted self, we know we are not alone. We have just forgotten that we agreed to play this complicated game called life!

    We must learn to create a momentum of living in the present, so that every moment is a new beginning. When we sense both empowerment and well being, we may just feel the angel’s touch upon our upper lip and thus remember our soul’s purpose!

    I am filled with deep gratitude for being given the opportunity to do what I love and I look forward to supporting Way of Life’s customers in embracing your life’s gift by helping to nourish the essence of your well being!

    For 16 years, Leigh Wunce N.C has been an inspiring San Francisco Bay area healer, radio personality, lecturer & workshop leader. Leigh’s insight and knowledge has been shaped by her own personal journey of healing breast cancer holistically. In her private practice, Leigh finds immense joy in being able to imagine the synthesis of your soul matrix and divine purpose.