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  • Creating A Healing Garden

    By Liz Koch  – Originally published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel 2010

    Why is one garden more inspiring than another?

    It is not just how many flats of posies one buys that touches our hearts. Rather, it is a felt sense that can inspire and literally transform the way we feel. It is this magical quality that defines a “healing” garden.

    Healing gardens have existed throughout human history as intentional spaces where the magic of healing is evoked. Sometimes called restorative gardens, they are a part of an ancient healing tradition found in almost every culture and time.

    Creating intentional healing gardens, where you can touch the earth, hear the bees humming, bird singing and water flowing, and feel the sun’s warmth and the softness of air, is part of our Western history and is integral to the infirmaries that were often located within monastic communities.

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