Plum blossoms are abundant and a deep stirring toward spring is in the air. It’s the perfect time to focus on renewing healthy skin.

“Spring renewal begins from the outside in — with our skin,” recommends local wellness advocate and aesthetician Toddy Elizabeth Merrill who will be speaking Tuesday evening at Way of Life. “When your skin is working optimally, your other organs are all deeply supported.”

Letting go of the old and refreshing the new takes year-round skin protocol, but spring is a great time for making new choices. A natural time for taking on new projects and for letting go of old patterns, many people use Mother Nature’s surge to start an internal housecleaning with a detox program, new wellness diet or healthy fitness regime and serious skin care.

“Organs,” explains Merrill, “rely on the optimal functioning of skin as the first line of defense. When our skin is not working optimally all the other organs will be stressed.”

Once thought only for women wanting to feel and look good, skin care is now recognized as essential for every body. Merrill points to aging as a perfect example.

“The aging you see in your skin is biological not chronological, it is centered around inflammation. Premature aging and teenage skin concerns can all be reversed with skin care medicine from, optimal diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle and educated topical-product choices. In our world today,” emphasizes Merrill, “vibrant natural healthy skin demands a regular skin care program, it is simply no longer a luxury.”

Caring for your skin has some unknown perks. Not only does it help unload the burden for vital organ functioning, including the liver, lungs and intestines, regular skin care is a powerful anxiety reliever.

Whether you add dry brushing to your daily health routine, a favorite method for sloughing off dead skin, experiment with saunas to open pores and remove toxins, or try one of the latest peel therapies for regenerating healthy vibrant skin– spring is a great time to get going.

Recommendations for every day skin protection includes wearing a hat outdoors especially on sunning days and using a UV protector that is safe from carcinogenetic ingredients. With the spring equinox upon us we are reminded balance is key, clean simple organic food, exercise, play and rest.

Way of Life offers a free lecture series twice a month on natural remedies to health challenges and alternative approaches to health. Liz Koch was their education coordinator. As with any medical condition, please consult a doctor or trained professional for treatment of specific illnesses. This column contains opinion and is not meant as medical advice.