Animal communicators are often categorized (like tree huggers) as irrational lovers of nature, not in step with today’s fast-pace modern life. Some people may find it strange or even laughable to think of communicating with animals. Yet remembering back to childhood, some of us may have a memory of talking to a fellow creature. It may have been a worm or spider, a household pet or an animal confined to a zoo. Until signaled from adults or other children that it is not OK, communicating with plants and animals is as natural as well, being human.

Not so far in our distant past and still found in aboriginal cultures; our deep connection to the natural world was taken for granted. In the book “Spell of the Sensuous,” author David Abram explores this relationship between being a human form and that of the wider community of nature.

“As humans, we live our own bodies. We cannot, as humans, precisely experience the living sensations of another form. And yet we do know how it feels to sip from a fresh pool of water or bask and stretch in the sun,” says Abram in his book.

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