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  • Are Endocrine Disrupters Disrupting Your Hormonal Health?

    by Liz Koch

    You may be unaware of the health impact that the 2007 LBAM Checkmate spray had on you, your loved ones, and the health of our community. It may no longer be on your radar screen of important issues. For many people who were not out that night or possibly out of town, connecting the dots between current health issues and the effects of being sprayed seem somewhat vague and difficult.

    Exposure to chemicals may even seem like a necessary evil to achieve a healthy balance between the health and economy of the people and the needs of the agriculture business. Isn’t that why we do not protest the use of known carcinogenic chemicals on our commercial strawberry plants when we know that California commercial strawberries use the highest rate of chemical pesticides at 148 pound per acre (sited at California Farmers Increase the Use of Toxic Substances—-Stephen Tvedten Get Set Inc. (www.getipm.com).

    For many of us we simply avoid exposure as best we can and/or use Way of Life’s great detoxifying products to stay ahead of the massive exposure. You can find something for almost everything: mercury exposure, heavy metals, plastics and other pollutants. Utilizing these products can help us keep exposure at bay. We also fight to reduce chemical exposure with our personal purchasing power buying green, organic and local products and at the ballot box with laws to protect our bodies and homes from toxic substances. The thinking goes something like this: if we decrease our exposure we can handle the onslaught of chemicals that already make up our man-made world.

    Doris Rapp MD author of Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call and international recognized environmental physician began her career as a pediatrics allergist. She agrees that a combination of eliminating exposure, and reducing the individual burden with clean filtered water, organic food, detoxification and infrared saunas can all help us maintain a level of health BUT she also recognizes that when it comes to endocrine disrupters avoiding ANY exposure is really the only option.

    Exposure to synthetic pheromones (such as Checkmate) whether it is sprayed, splattered on poles, or twisted into trees (all planned by CDFA for 2010 LBAM project) brings a whole host of health issues effecting and altering every ones sexual and functional development – especially the unborn.

    Dr Theo Colburn author of Your Stolen Future believes the consequence of prenatal exposure are extremely serious, contributing to the disturbing increase of diseases such as “autism, ADHD, childhood cancers, childhood diabetes, behavioral problems, Parkinson disorders…Alzheimer’s disorders, testicular cancer…the epidemic of prostate cancer, and breast cancers. The list she tells us just keeps growing. Colburn says that the culprit is endocrine disrupters and points directly to man-made chemicals and synthetic pheromones.

    At present there is no chemical that has been regulated in the USA because of endocrine disrupting effects. Our government has failed to respond to the evolving science around endocrine disruption. The impact on nature and human heath is known and it is time for our community to take a precautionary approach. Do No Harm!

    Failure to monitor synthetic pheromones is based on an attitude that dose makes the poison. It is the common theory in toxicology. The idea is that smaller is safe. But when it comes to endocrine disruptors, this theory is untrue. “The trouble says Pete Myers PhD author of “Does Dose Make The Poison?” is that while toxicologists traditionally assume that the dose makes the poison, endocrinologists – “scientist who study the action of the hormones have long known that hormones respond at very low doses and at ambient exposure”

    So what’s the connection to your thyroid problems, infertility, and menstrual or menopausal difficulties? With pheromones such as Checkmate, we were told it was safe because it was “just a pheromone” The reality is it may not knock you dead, but it is very deadly to your health. Synthetic pheromones whether they are being sprayed over your home, used to freshen your car, or sprayed on as cologne are reeking havoc with your hormonal balance.

    The CDFA continues to put us through regulatory hoops (EIR, Re-classification Petition, Senate hearings, etc.) They have discounted all credible evidence presented by experts who say the moth is not a threat and eradication is not feasible. We anticipate that they will re-implement their toxic LBAM eradication program in Santa Cruz County in early 2010.