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  • Unwind from scoliosis

    Alternative ways…

    by LIZ KOCH – Special to the Sentinel

    But like all language of the body, scoliosis also has a powerful emotional component. The iliopsoas muscle, responsible for torquing the spine, is part of the instinctive flee or fight survival mechanism. As part of the fear reflex, the psoas instinctively contracts whenever we feel afraid.

    Rather than surgical straightening, unraveling spinal tension and scoliosis, like untying a knot, only happens when a child feels safe to soften defense systems and release and resolve the tension.

    Scoliosis is intimately intertwined with a child’s self-esteem. When a young girl is told by insensitive doctors that they can straighten her out, it does not address the deeper core issues surrounding the physical manifestation being expressed in her body.

    There are many alternatives to surgery that can bring structural integrity, increased awareness, emotional stability and offer children a positive experience of being in their body.

    Gentle osteopathy and crania/sacral balancing address the need to create a stable foundation in the pelvis so the spine, rib cage, neck and head have support above and the legs and feet can receive the weight of gravity.

    Other options include gentle, non-invasive myofacial body work; low- or no-force chiropractic care, Feldenkrais, Aston Patterning, Reiki and gentle forms of Structural Integration/Rolfing. Yoga, aikido and other tools of self-awareness aid in learning how to voluntarily release tension within the core of the body.

    Unlike straightening the spine manually with a brace or surgically by fusing, unraveling the physical and emotional stresses that manifest as scoliosis stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

    Liz Koch, is a local author of “The Psoas Book” and the “Unraveling Scoliosis” CD. Original rticle Launched: 09/30/2002 3:00:00 AM PDT reprinted with permission from the Santa Cruz Sentinel