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  • Alternative health:

    Making the cornucopia the symbol of personal health, power

    Article Launched: 11/29/2004 12:00:00 AM PST
    A symbol of autumn, the cornucopia is the horn of plenty representing the harvests’ bounty. It is the manifestation of all that was sown in early spring. A spiraling form beginning from one point and opening into a larger and larger circle, the cornucopia is symbolic of our personal power as individual consumers. Although our choices begin on an individual level, each decision circles out affecting the greater community.

    Irrevocably woven into the community of life, our choices have a powerful influence that spills open into our future’s bounty. And like all moving spirals the influence of our choices moves in both directions. What we sow is reaped by the global community and in good time will come back home to be harvested in our own back yards.

    Our personal health begins with little choices made daily involving the necessities of life: food, water, clothes, housing and transportation. Wanting the best for our selves and our family, we attempt to make wise choices. As just one example, look at the choice to buy water in bottles.

    Water is essential for good health. Drinking water replenishes tissue, cleanses toxins and helps the assimilation of vital minerals and vitamins. Thinking back in time some of us can remember when the only water available came from tap water in little paper cones found next to a dirty public sink or a half functioning open air water fountain littered with dead leaves.

    The bottled water industry has grown substantially over the past few years just to fulfill this desire for clean fresh accessible water. Now mountain spring water is available next to an array of sodas at every convenience store; a boon to the health-conscious person.

    But what do we know about the impacts of the production of the millions of petroleum-based plastic bottles, the litter created by discarded or recycled bottles and the impact on the community and ecosystem that provides the source of the water?

    A fundamental need for water spirals out into the greater global community. What began as a personal health decision may wind up drying up river beds and depleting underground aquifers. Stirring the fires of desire, water, rather than a human necessity for all, becomes a source of profit fueled possibly by our eager demand for good returns on our personal investments.

    Liz Koch is the Way of Life Health Educator. You can contact her at svreeken@santacruzsentinel.com.